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How to Read Forex Trading Charts

Forex traders rely heavily on Forex trading charts to understand currency prices and trends, and identify buying/selling opportunities. There are various types of charts used by both experts and novice traders; here we explore each chart’s construction process before exploring its interpretation through technical/fundamental analysis.

Trading charts provide visual representation of the pricing of financial instruments over time. This could include currency pairs in the Forex market or any other asset like stocks indices or precious metals. Information displayed includes open, high, low and closing prices as well as graphs representing price movement over that specific time frame.

There are various chart formats, and your choice will depend on your trading style or method of analysis. Line, bar and Japanese candlestick charts are popular choices.

Line charts are among the easiest charts to comprehend, showing only one period’s closing price through a continuous curved line. When closing higher than it opened or lower than it opened respectively, green will indicate this fact while red indicates otherwise. Furthermore, two small horizontal lines extending out from either end of this vertical line denote opening prices while another indicates closing prices respectively.

Bar charts present information in an easier-to-understand format than line charts do, while still providing useful data. A vertical bar with open and closed ends, separated by an invisible shadow called wick, depicting high and low prices during that period. Colored bars reflect their meaning: green bars would signify currency pair increases while red ones show decreases.

Candlestick charts are among the most widely-used and are similar to bar charts in that they use consistent colours for their candles, and may use one color per currency pair when drawing their charts. Their body displays open and closing prices while their wick demonstrates highs and lows from that period.

Point-and-figure charts offer another form of chart, which displays similar information but in an even simpler format. Points represent each trade that was executed during a given period while lines indicate price movements; when executed at or close to displayed prices they add points; otherwise a line is drawn if executed higher or lower than expected.


How to Hack Internet Payment Gateways

how to hack internet payment gateway

Hackers know this and are constantly searching for weaknesses in these systems, which is why hackers target payment gateways with such intensity. No 100% secure online sales system exists yet there are measures you can take to thwart their attacks; in this article, three potential sales system vulnerabilities that hackers seek to exploit along with measures you can take to mitigate them will be discussed in detail.

With electronic payments overtaking cash transactions, retailers are increasingly under pressure to secure their Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems. High profile breaches like those at Subway in 2014 and more recently of Barnes & Noble credit card readers in 63 stores demonstrate just how easily criminals can break into these vulnerable systems.

Hackers have many methods at their disposal for breaching PoS systems, but one of the most effective and straightforward ones is card skimming. These malicious apps mimic legitimate payment pages by sending data directly from an attacker-controlled server to card readers and card readers and convincing them to accept fraudulent data while also collecting it – this method has proven itself extremely successful even without physical tampering with devices!

One effective means by which a payment gateway can be compromised is through intercepting and forging communication between its website and payment processing system, commonly achieved through exploiting flaws in SSL web security protocol. While using SSL can help mitigate some risks, effective protection from this form of hack requires an integrated security solution incorporating PCI DSS compliance, 3D Secure, SET-secured electronic transactions.

Finaly, payment gateways may be exploited through exploiting their iframe/web redirect mechanism by altering payment pages to capture cardholder’s Cardholder Hiding Domain (CHD). A Foregenix blog post from 2016 detailed an actual instance of this attack taking place; however additional checks implemented by payment gateways can help protect against this threat by restricting how much sensitive data reaches cardholder’s browser once CHD has been captured.


How to Play Lotto Game in Kenya

how to play lotto game in kenya

Lotto is a form of gambling in which participants draw numbers to win big prizes. Lottery can change lives dramatically and players should always act responsibly when participating. Kenya hosts various lottery schemes including Pambazuka National Lottery, My Lotto Kenya and Kenya Charity Sweepstake for players to enjoy this form of entertainment from both mobile phones or computers – requiring an M-Pesa account with sufficient funds in it in order to purchase tickets successfully and receive an M-Pesa confirmation message once completed.

Once registered for a Lotto Kenya account, M-Pesa offers you an easy and straightforward way to purchase lottery tickets through its weekly lottery draw. Simply choose Lipa na M-Pesa from your M-Pesa menu, input the Paybill Number for Lotto Kenya (Business number 777000/Account number WEB), deposit amount desired and pin. Upon successful transaction completion you will be sent an M-Pesa notification confirming funds have been deposited into your account.

SMS can also be a convenient way to buy Lotto Kenya draw tickets. Simply send an SMS to Lotto Kenya’s SMS number 79007 with WEB followed by six unique numbers from 1-50 and one bonus number from 0-9 as your entry. After submitting, an SMS will confirm all of its details; should you win, another will inform you about what your winnings amount is.

Lotto Kenya provides numerous chances for you to win its jackpot prize pool, from matching three numbers up to matching six! Watch K24, Nation TV, Kameme TV Kass TV or Magharibi TV live shows each week for updates on results of lottery drawings.

Kenya has seen the rise of online lottery as an ever-expanding industry, regulated by the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act. While some may express concerns over its effects on players, online lottery has proven profitable for Kenya as an industry as well as providing access to international lotteries for Kenyans.

Finding yourself the winner in a lottery can be an amazing and life-altering experience, yet choosing a secure website to protect both personal information and funds is equally as exciting. Although there are several lottery sites online, only select few can truly be trusted; to do this properly make sure it has been licensed and regulated by authorities (if unsure ask them for advice); also verify its membership with any associations ( eg : lottery associations or leagues).


New York Lotto – How Has it Changed?

have there been changes to the ny lotto game

The New York Lottery is one of the most beloved lottery events in North America, raising billions each year for state education. These funds benefit both public schools and small businesses like convenience stores and service stations where tickets are sold – providing schools with much-needed funds in today’s anti-tax climate.

Lottery proceeds have long been used to aid local communities. Lottery proceeds also fund educational institutions like Yale and Harvard as well as militias fighting British Army during American Revolution. But while lottery proceeds have proven invaluable for states, they may prove more problematic for low-income communities since winning a lottery can bring an unexpected lifestyle change for winners who find it difficult to adjust.

Though widely popular, the lottery has experienced high-profile missteps. One such case occurred in 1981 when Lou Eisenberg won a $5 million prize and spent the money on greyhounds and friends he considered important before moving permanently to Florida.

Over the following decades, numerous games would come and go; 24 people would win more than $1 million, including a woman who bought one but died before she could collect. But in the 1990s, the lottery made its breakthrough when it launched instant games with larger prizes than standard drawings.

After the success of these games, New York began offering more frequent lottery draws and saw jackpots skyrocket. By 2021-2022, NY LOTTO was North America’s most successful and profitable lottery – contributing $3.6 billion directly towards education during that fiscal year alone! Lottery proceeds also assist school districts that receive greater proportions of lottery income such as larger or poorer school districts receiving proportionally larger portions.

New York State Gaming Commission, an arm of New York State Racing and Wagering Board, regulates lottery activities across New York state. At 18 years of age (for all games except Quick Draw Keno) anyone may play, with winnings subject to state and federal taxes; New York City and Yonkers residents must also pay local income tax on winnings.

There have been some modifications to the New York Lotto game over time, primarily impacting timing of draws. Starting November 15, the Lottery will adjust drawing times for Numbers, Win4 & Take5 drawings as well as nightly Lotto draws; midday drawings will move back two hours to 2:20 p.m and evening lotto will move up two hours to 10:30 p.m.

At present, New York legislators are considering legislation that would give lottery winners in New York the option of remaining anonymous; something other states already permit. Under this proposal, winners could form an LLC to protect their identities; however, there seems to be strong public sentiment against it and thus its passage remains unlikely.


Is Poker Gambling Quora?

is poker gambling quora

Gambling refers to betting with money on an activity where your chances of success or failure are completely out of your hands, such as roulette or craps, or luck-and-skill games such as chess and contract bridge. Casinos offer both types of games; however, pure chance or luck-and-skill games where there is no positive expected rate of return like horse racing or sports betting do not fall into their purview.

Poker is a game of skill with elements of chance that makes it appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, its combination of luck and skill keeps people interested for longer; becoming adept requires investment of both time and energy into studying strategy while managing life outside the poker table to perform consistently well.

A good poker player can make a living from playing the game. Unfortunately, however, if they lack skill or an adequate bankroll management strategy in place it’s all too easy to lose a considerable amount of money through gambling for a living. Although gambling for a living may not necessarily be considered sinful it should not consume your life and become financially supported through illegal activity such as theft, fraud or prostitution.

Many people ask if poker gambling because they believe the game involves too much luck and is unfair. Although luck does play some role, it doesn’t play nearly as large of one compared to games of chance like roulette or slot machines; most poker is in fact played with an edge against other players that comes from both skill (card counting, bet sizing) and knowledge of player behavior (hand ranges).

Becoming a profitable poker player means being able to recognize when your odds are superior to those of the house and then taking advantage of them. A progressive jackpot at blackjack may provide such opportunities; video poker machines may offer similar promotions that provide benefits.

True professional poker players are unlikely to become addicted, which is defined as uncontrolled behavior in pursuit of feelings or sensations that cannot be found elsewhere, typically by escalating bets until one can no longer continue losing. By contrast, poker professionals work for a living and can set realistic rake goals to ensure they make money; plus they usually spend most of their time away from the table so can’t become dependent on it as an addiction.


How Do Gambling Poker Machines Pay Out?

how do gambling poker machines pay

Have you ever come across a gambling machine and noticed it spinning, flashing or emitting some kind of noise? But do these machines actually pay out what is advertised on their paytable and is there any way of altering its outcome?

Answering all these queries with “no.” A casino poker machine is a computer program that constantly generates thousands of potential outcomes and randomly selects one every second, even when no one is playing. Once a button is pressed it selects an outcome and pays out credits if a winning hand is formed; but this does not guarantee fair or random play – casinos still have ways to manipulate payouts!

Understanding the odds of a slot machine can be accomplished through reading its paytable, which typically displays payouts for various symbols and combinations, along with minimum and maximum amounts payable. Furthermore, you can look up its return-to-player percentage, which measures its average payout per dollar bet over its lifetime of up to one million spins.

While understanding how pokies operate is vital, it is equally essential not to allow your emotions to get in the way. A loss can be just as demoralising, so only play when there is enough money left over. Also make sure that you stay hydrated and avoid eating while playing!

Staying aware of how machines are organized is also helpful. Machines that are closely packed together tend to pay out more often due to being overcrowded with players and having higher turnover rates.

Ask an employee at the casino which machines would be best for you to play. These experts see thousands of customers come through every week and may know which machines offer the highest returns – make sure to tip them if they help!

Do not be duped by advertisements which claim that poker machines are “fair and honest.” Such claims are completely unverifiable and don’t reflect how these machines actually operate. In reality, if it were possible to influence how a machine behaved through interaction then regulators wouldn’t permit this and illegally offer the game without player tracking cards in place; hence why it is best to stick with simple betting strategies within your bankroll limit.


Are There Any Slot Game Apps That AreTotally Free?

Are there any free slot game apps? The good news is yes. There is an array of them to choose from that provide an enjoyable gaming experience; many even include high paying bonus games!

Some of these apps also allow you to gamble for real money if desired; that decision lies solely with you! As it should be for any casino game app where players can choose between playing for fun or gambling for real cash!

One of the most acclaimed slots games currently on the market is Asia themed 88 Fortunes slot machine, known for providing an exciting ride and offering massive pay-outs. Another highly entertaining slots game available today is Walking Dead slot; this offers highly rewarding and potentially high paying bonus features too.

Google Play also hosts other developers that produce quality slots games, including Playtika who offer several slot apps and also provide the World Series of Poker app. All their apps work similarly – you begin by starting off with some starting money before spinning the reels to see whether or not your fortune changes! Another developer with outstanding slots offerings is Zynga who have an array of casino apps on offer as well as decent slot titles on Google Play.

Downloading the RSweeps slot machine app could also prove worthwhile, giving you a realistic casino experience and providing you with an opportunity to win some amazing prizes, which typically amount to small cash sums but could become much larger depending on your skill at slot gaming.

If you decide to download a slot game app that’s free to play, be aware that most will attempt to sell you more chips as soon as your supplies become low – sales pitches range from subtly aggressive to annoyingly pushy; all with one goal: making money. However, there are genuine free slots apps out there – these are ones completely funded by their creators so don’t require you spending your own money for gameplay; perfect if your budget is limited but still want the thrill of spinning reels! To find these ones search “free slot games” on Google Play!


Is Online Gambling Legal in Wisconsin?

is online gambling legal in wisconsin

Wisconsin is an iconic Midwestern state, famed for its farming and hunting traditions as well as a long gambling history dating back to land based casinos opening there in the early 90s and its lottery being popular since 1980s. Yet, even with all this gambling activity taking place within its borders, Wisconsin remains one of the least likely states to legalize and regulate online poker rooms, leaving Wisconsin players seeking a safe online poker gaming environment having to rely on offshore operators instead.

Wisconsin online gambling sites offer plenty of options for anyone interested in the latest slot machines or classic table games, from slot machines to table games like blackjack. While blackjack may be popular among some sites, roulette remains widely played due to its simple rules, varied betting options and unique style of action – all hallmarks of an engaging experience for casino goers.

As for sports betting, Wisconsin does not fare much better. Retail sportsbooks are currently only open at a few tribal casinos that have been approved to operate them after revoking their compacts with the state. Oneida Casino was the first one to open in Wisconsin; two more tribes, St Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin and Forest County Potawatomi Community are expected to do the same later in 2019. Neither statewide legislation exists yet that addresses sports gambling issues within Wisconsin; there does not appear to be much interest from legislators regarding any changes anytime soon either way.

If you want to legally gamble in Wisconsin, you must be at least 18 years old in order to legally engage in bingo, raffles, off-track pari-mutuel betting and purchasing lottery tickets. Wisconsin tribal land based casinos may accept those older than this age bracket but any online gambling activity is strictly illegal in this state – any violations could lead to criminal charges and up to $500 in fines being levied against those found engaged in it.

Wisconsin gambling laws are relatively relaxed and there are no plans for change anytime soon. But it should be noted that engaging in illegal gambling is considered a misdemeanor; therefore it should be carefully considered when risking your hard-earned cash on illegal gaming activities. Most law enforcement agencies don’t devote resources towards hunting down minors playing online poker or gaming in general, so you should likely remain safe enjoying Wisconsin’s freedoms for gambling; should any problems arise though, contact Wisconsin’s Council on Problem Gambling who can connect you with appropriate responsible gambling and addiction resources near your location if necessary – good luck!


How to Play the Walking Dead Lottery Game

Michigan Lottery retailers selling its new $2 instant game inspired by AMC television show The Walking Dead have reported zombie sightings. This ticket features scenes from the hit series as well as top prizes of $20,000 and four second-chance promotions; such as winning a 32″ TV, Blu-ray player, three seasons of The Walking Dead DVD or a trip for two to Los Angeles to see a taping of The Talking Dead – now through November 8. You can purchase your ticket from over 11,000 Lottery retailers statewide


How to Play Slot Machine Games

how to play slot machine wheel of fortune

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine is a favorite among casino players in both North America and Canada, featuring an engaging bonus game with the chance to win one million dollars! In addition, its unique combination of traditional fruit symbols with Royalty symbols like gold bars, cruise ships and diamond rings gives this online slot an identity distinct from others available online.

To play video slot, first insert coins, cash or player cards into the machine before pressing the “Bet Max” button to bet the maximum amount possible. Once this button has been pressed, the machine will start spinning, and if a winning combination appears on its paytable then your bet will be returned as cash.

Keep in mind that winning the jackpot on any slot machine game is never guaranteed. While it’s common for players to experience sudden big wins, realistic expectations must always be applied when going after this prize. If possible, find machines with smaller jackpots and lower maximum bets in order to increase your odds of success in winning it all.

There are various variations of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine available both online and at land-based casinos. Some are modeled on the popular TV show with familiar characters from it, while others feature different looks and feels but all share a game show theme. To select one that suits you best, read reviews on each version before comparing jackpot sizes, payout percentages and maximum bets between them all.

Make sure that when selecting a Wheel of Fortune slot machine, it is real money casino site with high payout percentages and bonuses tailored specifically for newcomers, including free spins on the Machine itself and additional reload bonuses. Furthermore, some of these excellent machines also boast progressive jackpots which grow with every spin!

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine offers fast-paced fun with its 720 ways to win and Triple Extreme Spin bonus that can multiply your winnings or give you another opportunity to spin the Wheel for additional prizes. When activated by three or more Wheel of Fortune scatter symbols, this bonus activates automatically.

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine is an excellent game for both beginner and experienced players alike. Its user-friendly interface and simple gameplay are easily understood; you can start out playing for as little as $0.01 up to as much as $100.00 per spin – payouts tend to be high for this type of game and its graphics and soundtrack are stunning – honks of an engine noises all add fun sounds effects that round off an enjoyable gaming experience!